Monday, June 16, 2014

The Monster Awakens!

In June of 2012, I started crocheting. 

My dear, patient mother in law loaned me some yarn and a hook and set me up with making my first oven pad (granny-square style).

This is not one of those perky blogs, I should let you know.

I could not figure it out for the life of me. After restarting twice, due to it becoming a cylinder rug (MIL: "Wow. I don't even know how you did this"). and pure frustration the second time, I finished a very strange looking oven pad that I finished just out of spite. I decided crocheting is best left to other craftier folk. The ones that send homemade thank you cards and bring non store bought cookies to church functions.
This is the most tightly crocheted hot pad in the world...

Flash forward to January 2014. After having a baby and looking online for all the cutesy crochet items I wanted to buy for her, I took another whack at it. And you know what? It clicked! (MIL is still surprised...)

Through much trial and error, many hands on lessons and YouTube videos, I am now opening up shop to share some weird but still kind of cute whimsical creations with the world.  This blog will hopefully provide some entertainment as I fumble through different projects. I'm completely addicted.

And then you steal your daughter's laundry basket for your yarn stash...

Please follow me along this adventure to spread fun through handmade toys, blankets, hats, and accessories. I would love to hear any critique, comments, or support!

Off to stomp through some projects! (Literally, I didn't clean up after making the blog header... )

By the way, was what got me through the tough spots on crocheting. Check it out for patterns and tutorials, her tutorial on the magic circle was the best on the web!
The Craftzilla

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