Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The shop is OPEN!

Yes, it's finally open...

Of course, it's an owl~! Seems like they are trendy these past few years (Target, I'm looking at you...).
They are soft, stripey, and most importantly, can clip on to things! I experimented with a couple items to find that mini clip grips are the perfect size to perch these guys onto branches, tops of laptop screens, and hold rolled up notes. I don't know about you, but having our own owls at home certainly perks up the "BUY MILK we're out and I want to eat cereal for dinner" texts. Roll up a little grocery list, clip it in your owl's talons, and toss it in their purse--much cuter.

As well, I was always envious of how some kids with cold lunch had little notes in their lunches from their parents saying sweet things or reminding them to take the bus home. I fully plan to have a school owl to pop into MJ's lunch with a note inside. BONUS if your kid forgets to make their bed and the owl is delivering a "you need to make your bed within 5 minutes of getting home or you are out of luck for ANY T.V. time today" NOTE.

Or have the owl passed around the family. Write a kind note to your kid, and place it on their bed for delivery at night (because owls = night time, of course). They go to sleep with a kind message from you on their mind, and the next day it's their turn to write a kind note and leave it on someone's bed.

Granted, you don't need an owl for any of this, but gosh darn it, I never got accepted to Hogwarts and having in-home owl post makes up for it. But only a little. (Upcoming post--see how I made a chore and discipline system based off of Harry Potter's house points! And yes, owls are involved.)

Make your own with some of these fun, free patterns:
      Janine at Mojimoji Designs has the pattern these owls are almost entirely based off of.

      Mei Li at Amigurumei has a pattern for a sleeping owl named Mr. Murasaki that is also cute.

Owl be waiting to hear about your adventures with these owls! 

The Craftzilla

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