Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Childhood in Yarn-form

When I was in elementary school, my brother told me stories based off of the video games he would play. One of the most common characters in the stories was this guy, Maki.
Soooooo cute! Very happy with how he turned out!

According to Final Fantasy, the game he is from, he's a black mage/wizard, and that's it. (until Final Fantasy IX, but that's another day.) 

Through probably 10 years or more of stories (and a brief stint at making comic strips with my brother) he developed his own personality. Important facts:
He lives under Maki's hat
  • He lives in a giant, magical tree house (with slides)
  • He is a master pie maker (and often gets in trouble for being distracted by pastries)
  • His garden grows popsicles and balloon animals (remember, we're in elementary school here!)
  • He has a pet fir tree that chirps and burrows underground named I.B. Green.
  • Although a black mage, he is a pacifist and no less harmful than Harry Potter
  • His best friends are Karl & Luke (Fighter twins) and Page (White mage)

I think we were pretty creative for what we were given, which was this:
And NO character development!

After a lot of messing around, Maki has manifest into yarn and will soon be going in a box flying on a dragon to go to my brother's home to make pie and help him continue to tell stories to his own little boy now.
Away, Marmalade dragon! More adventures await!
Maki was made completely by hand and without a pattern, so I need to do another and write down what I did! Maybe he'll have distant yarn cousins pop up in the store from time to time ;) 

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