Tuesday, March 17, 2015

An Easter Duck Pattern

So Google's autoawesome feature made this photo all pretty. Can't argue with that!
 Growing up, my favorite animal was (and still is) a duck. My one special could-not-be-without lovey toy was a squeaky duck. Through the years, I gained a collection of 100+ duck items--whether ceramic, rubber, or stuffed. When I got married I donated most of them, but I still get crazy when I see the Easter plushes set out each spring. Ducks are too cute. Doesn't help that my grandpa convinced me that there is no such thing as an Easter bunny, but that it is a duck that does all the work. I'm sure he told me this just to please me. :)

So, I have another pattern. Once again, making a pattern is easier said than done. My notes make sense to me, but I agonize over whether or not it makes sense to you readers. So if it is a bit wordy, my apologies. My notes are along the lines of:
4 sc in mc
inc to 8
and that is not very helpful to anyone other than me.
Please let me know any feedback and I will implement it in my patterns. Once again, I ask that you do not repost or redistribute this pattern. You may sell whatever items you make from this pattern, but please give credit where it is due by linking back to The Craftzilla. Thank you!
Click here to see the pattern for the Easter Duck.
(note, if you see "ls" anywhere in the pattern, I meant "sc". I will update and correct the pdf soon!)
Quack! :)

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