Friday, April 24, 2015


I flip flop between trying to come across as a healthy, well-rounded individual with nerdy hobbies..and a full-out, embarrassingly nerdy nerd that doesn't want to apologize for liking nerdy things anymore. I pay my taxes, go to work, take care of my family, exercise, go outside yadda yadda...but I also used to spend hours playing League of Legends with Garth and our friends. Seriously, those gaming days were so fun and intense. Obviously my gaming time has been cut into, and I don't play anymore (since unpredictable Emmy is unpredictable and THERE IS NO PAUSE BUTTON.)

So I've missed a lot of things the past two years in League (What the heck happened to the Lore??). One of which, is Poros.

I have to give credit to the Generation Anime group on facebook that I'm a part of for the idea.(See nerd disclaimer above) I had no idea these cuties existed.

He's basically a crocheted sphere entirely of loop stitches. I remembered from the sheep pattern how difficult it is to sew on the body parts to a loop stitched body. But he turned out so cute on the first go! You can't even see his feet unless you flip him over, so I almost felt like leaving them out...but then he'd be a tribble thingy. His horns bend a little, so you can make them stick straight out, up, or have some curve to them.

Poros is about 5 inches in diameter. He is for sale, made to order for $24 not including shipping, so message me on Facebook or send an email to if you would like one. I'll put up a custom listing on Etsy for you to securely purchase said fluffball.
The Poros character is created by and owned by Riot Games. All creations based on Poros are handmade fanworks by The Craftzilla and not official, licensed products of Riot Games. Thanks!

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