Friday, April 24, 2015

Review of Blue Phone Studio's Dinosaur Pattern

If you know me even a little, you know that I love dinosaurs. Something about them just makes me happy. Unless I'm having that nightmare about raptors being loose at Disneyland.
So after oogling this pattern for ages, I finally bought it and went crazy making dinosaurs.

The pattern is by Blue Phone Studios. It's a great pattern that must have taken forever to figure out initially. She made the body all one piece, and it looks so darn smooth in execution! Also, those stripes are what sold me on this pattern. Absolutely adorable.

I made this one originally as a gift, but Emmy found it and has been playing with it. So I made a purple one instead as a gift. I'll have to post photos of that one later--I used this soft baby yarn that wasn't as thick, so it's a whole head shorter than the orange one. It's like a baby dinosaur!

On another note, just to address some concerns people were having:
I appreciate the folks that have notified me that these patterns are not made by me, but Blue Phone Studios. In all the posts on Facebook regarding the dinosaurs, I have included the link to Blue Phone's etsy store -- I never took credit for this pattern, and you'll see that I have, since the very beginning, linked back to her. I have not listed the dinosaur on Etsy, but if I do, I will give her credit. If you are still concerned, here is a link to her post regarding her patterns and selling items from them:
I know in the pattern it says for personal use only, but she has since changed her policy. So, while I appreciate you are trying to make sure creators get their due credit, please actually read the full facebook post. :) I will let you know when I have made an original creation or pattern, as I like to crow about those sort of things.

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