Friday, May 15, 2015

Bit the Robot

There was a contest that started back in March for the LVL up Expo. Two weeks ago, I decided to be crazy and take a stab at it. Good grief, would you believe the deadline is only two hours away and I just emailed them the entry two minutes ago?

But hey, that's life. I was going along crocheting Bit....and then I decided I hated it. Took apart the WHOLE THING. Started over. Got the base down...but hated the limbs. Took those apart and tried again.

So through much trial and error, I finally made a product I am proud of. Meet BIT.

He's a little posable in his arms, but mostly just a squishy, happy robot. I also discovered that I cannot embroider for the life of me, so yes, I made his LVL up Expo thing out of a sticker.

Hardest part of the whole thing? Those antennae. I mean, if it was just one solid color it would have been fine, but oi. Took me a while to figure that out. Probably a newbie thing. Garth says they make him look like a bug, not a robot. Oh well!

He is supposed to look like :

The whole time I was making him I was thinking of Robo from Chronotrigger. That darn robot made me cry TWICE while playing that game as a kid. Then again, I bawled through Wall-E so maybe it's just a robot thing?

Oh, and did you notice I changed the blog? I'm trying to make it into more of a functional website. More work needs done, but hey, it's something!

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