Monday, June 1, 2015

Wonder Woman Headband

As you know, Halloween is my favorite holiday. Largely because I love dressing up. So when I found out going to conventions or comic book store events mean you get to dress up---I was there.

On Free Comic Book Day, we went to our local comic store and the line took FOREVER to get through. I almost quit thirty minutes in since Emmy had ENOUGH. But we persevered and have a few cute photos to go with it.

I made her headband by chaining long enough to go around her head, then just adding rows. On the final row in the center I used hdc, dc, and tc to make the peak in her tiara. I single crocheted around the whole thing for a finish and created a star using Attic 24's pattern.

I have a few more cosplay costumes to blog about, stay tuned! 

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