Friday, July 17, 2015

Rainbow Unicorns

There is a fantastic way to spread kindness throughout the world, and that is with rainbow unicorns!

A precious little girl in our community, Kiera, passed away earlier this year from the flu unexpectedly. Kiera was a bright and happy girl that loved rainbow unicorns. After her passing, her family started up Kiera's Kindness. The idea is you get a rainbow unicorn, do an act of kindness with the unicorn (and take a photo and share it on social media!) , and pass the unicorn on to someone else with the challenge to do a kindness. It's sort of a pay it forward thing. :)

So with her on my mind, I made this lil' gal.

I have yet to decide what kindness to send her out to the world with, but she'll be on her way soon! I hope she travels around a lot. Or, if she just ends up with one person and makes them happy, that's fine too.

This unicorn was made with Little Yarn Friend's pattern. Instead of using the pattern's mane and tail, I did a few rounds of loop stitches in an oval for her mane. I latch hooked the yarn into her tail and braided it.
I really love how it turned out with the yarn I used. Garth says it looks like a pinata unicorn. :)

If you can't crochet, don't worry! On Kiera's Kindness' page you can purchase a "challenge rainbow unicorn" easily to pass around with an act of love. :)

Hope you all are doing well and receive some kindness today. <3

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