Thursday, August 27, 2015

Amish Puzzle Ball

I am ALL about this puzzle ball. The pattern is from Look At What I Made, I highly recommend looking around at her website--it's full of gems like these. 
Anyways, my friend is having a baby and this ball will be a perfect toy for him to play with.

It's soft, lightweight, has shapes to squeeze---and can be taken apart. Emmy, who is not at all a baby anymore, greatly enjoys taking all the pieces apart and asking for me to put them back together. She also thinks the pieces are bracelets and tries to wear them around the house. I guess I need to make her one of her own?

It's a great project because you can zone out and make the dozen wedges while watching a movie EASILY. And did you know there is no sewing? THERE IS NO SEWING. You crochet all the pieces together!! It's magical.
I made a little video on how to assemble them. I have no video editing skills, but mute it and watch. Or unmute and enjoy some My Little Pony: Rainbow Rocks music in the background with Emmy.
Once again, the pattern can be found here:
Feel free to contact me if you want me to make one for you. :) Craft on!

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