Saturday, April 9, 2016

Slime Pattern from Stardew Valley

Aaaaand I made another Stardew Valley pattern. This one is very simple and quick to whip up on your own, so I will write it directly here rather than doing a PDF.

The green one was the prototype. Once again, the second time around with some tweaks I got the shape I wanted. I also added the star bobble because CUTE.

I used a thinner yarn, the Caron Simply Soft yarns, because I wanted them to have that slime sheen. They turned out really cute and squishy--I wish I could have a Stardew Valley themed party and have a Slime Slingshot game for the guests. And themed foods...and... guess I just need to make local friends that play Stardew Valley!

Slimes From Stardew Valley Pattern by The Craftzilla
**Please do not redistribute, copy, or sell this pattern. Please consult Concerned Ape (Stardew Valley's creator) before selling any final products.**


Size E hook

Yarn in main color

Yarn Needle

2 safety eyes or beads (I used 5 mm oval eyes from Glass Eyes Online)


Optional- fabric or hot glue gun

Optional- Yellow yarn for star

Ch -- Chain

Mc – Magic circle

Sc – Single crochet

Inc – Increase, place two sc in one stitch

Dec- Decrease, I use invisible dec, but essentially make one sc over two stitches

*---* signals a set of stitches to be repeated

(_) indicates how many stitches should be in that round

--------Pattern Start!--------
Main body made with E hook and Main Color
Round 1: Place 6 sc in a mc
R2:  Inc every stitch (12)
R3:  Inc every other stitch (18)
R4: *2 sc, inc* repeat until end of round (24)
R5: *3sc, inc* repeat around (30)
R6:  Sc around (30)
R7: *4sc inc* repeat around (36)
R8:  Sc around (36)
R9: *4 sc, dec* repeat around (30)
R10: 3 sc dec repeat around (24)
R11: Sc around (24)
R12: *2 sc, dec* (18)
Place 5 mm safety eyes ~2 st apart between ~row 8 and 9
R13: *1sc, dec* repeat around (12)
R14: Dec every stitch (6)

Weave the tail of yarn through all 6 stitches, going from the middle to the outside each time, with a yarn needle.

Planet June has an excellent tutorial for this:

If you are adding a star bobble, you can leave a tail to chain to form the bobble. Then weave the excess yarn back through the chain and into the body. 

You can add a star bobble by using the tiny star pattern by Repeat Crafter Me with yellow yarn:
Glue it to the antennae you made. Alternatively, you could use a pipe cleaner and a star bead, or a pom pom, really anything you like!

----Pattern End!------

Please feel free to ask questions, as I am still so clumsy at writing out these patterns.
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  1. I sent these instructions to my mother and she made 2 for me, just got them in the mail today! Absolutely adorable, I love them (as does one of my cats, who already tried to steal them). Thanks for sharing!

    1. What a great mother! I'm so glad this pattern is getting some use, and that your cats are a-okay with the slimes being in the house. ;)
      Thanks for the feedback!
      -The Craftzilla