Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Mallow Amigurumi from Super Mario RPG

(Update: Mallow made it to SGDQ and was very happy to support Doctors Without Borders! Congrats to whomever won him and thank you all who donated!)

Been busy working on commissions and a few fun personal projects, including THIS one!

 I wanted to make a prize for the Games Done Quick this summer. They are a group of speed runners who donate the proceeds of their event to Doctors Without Borders. It's a fun watch twice a year, and it's even more fun knowing that everyone is donating their time and efforts to a good cause--creating a happy, fun atmosphere for the videos. I saw the finale would be Super Mario RPG and thus I whipped up (ha) this Mallow Amigurumi. I've submitted it, just waiting for the official word that he can be a prize.

Super Mario RPG is one of my top 3 favorite video games of all time. My brother and I would rent this from Video Tyme and just go crazy trying to beat it before our 5 day rental was up (we are obviously not speed runners). Seriously, it's a game that has stood up to the test of time and is STILL really fun to play. The storyline and dialogue is absolutely golden. Mallow was always one of my favorites--a marshmallow cloud boy who thinks he's a frog.

Mallow is made from fluffy baby yarn and regular baby yarn--go figure his color scheme is all very baby friendly, ha! He is very squishy and soft with a perfect curl and pudgy cheeks...and he even has thumbs! He stands 7 inches tall from curl to toe and 6 inches wide with his hands against his sides.

If you are into video games, try tuning into GDQ this year--even watching provides revenue to the charity. 

And as always, feel free to contact me to commission a plush of your own.

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