Monday, August 8, 2016

Amigurumi Elephant and Pattern

Oh man, this recent amigurumi is such a cutie. In mint blue and baby pink, this elephant has stolen my heart!

This perfect pachyderm was made using a translated pattern from All About Ami. Did you know that website was the one that taught me how to crochet (after my dear mother in law failed to (but that was because of me, not her))? She has a handful of cute patterns and a bunch of nice tutorials. It's just a calming, pleasing website to be on.

I did alter the elephant a bit--she has a different trunk and tail per my preference. I didn't keep decreasing at the end of the trunk and continued the sc around rows. I did finally decrease the stitches, wove some yarn through the remaining stitches, and pulled it tight to shut it, and threaded the yarn back through the middle of the trunk to make it go inward.

I felted some pink felt onto the ears and latch-hooked some pink yarn onto the tail  for contrast.

I made this for a gal in my church class, so it was in my bag during the first hour of the church meeting. My daughter and one of her friends found it and went around making it kiss and eat everything they could find. Some unsuspecting teenage boy was minding his own business when these three year old girls suddenly made this elephant kiss him! Ha!

Again, I really love this pattern and how it all seems to be one piece besides the ears. There might be more elephants in my future!

Link for the pattern:

Have an awesome day!
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