Friday, September 23, 2016

Another Michelangelo TMNT

You know, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have lasted a long time. I remember watching them in the early 90s on tv, renting their slightly creepy movies from VideoTime, and then they died out until about 2012 when they revived for a while. I watched those episodes religiously with my brother. I drew fanart, wrote fanfics, talked all about them in the deviantart groups... good times. Again, it dwindled out and the new movies have been really blah. But now Nickelodeon has brought them back again with their cutesy eyes and big feet. I think they are really cute, and I wish I had cable to watch an episode or two. Anyways, I received another commission for Michelangelo, but with a few changes from the previous one I had made. This one is much bigger and a little bit more smug.

Hey, I finally figured out how to make their elbow and knee pads! :D

Once again, he can stand supported or sit.

There's his bandanna and shell...

And a growing smile as he thinks about all the pizza he's gonna eat!

One of the first patterns I ever used was by 53 stitches for a Charmander, and now I find that elements of that pattern are in so many of my creations. So, credit where credit is do, this Mikey was largely constructed with 53stitche's pattern in mind.

Fall is finally here, so once I finish commissions (everyone really liked that mint and pink elephant I guess!) I'll have some fun Halloween projects posted.

Have a wonderful day!
The Craftzilla

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