Friday, July 6, 2018

Glanter from Ooblets

I know it's July! But this cutie needed to be made so Bristlebud wouldn't have to brave the mail carrier service alone.

Glanter is another creature from Glumberland's upcoming game, Ooblets. Isn't he cool looking??

It looks like he actually glows in the game, so I'm guessing he's a play on the word lantern and ghost? My daughter says he looks like an "oogie boogie". Good enough for me. I've always loved goofy Halloween styled characters--especially with squiggly smiley faces.

He's really squishy because I ended up making him in HDC stitches instead of my usual SC stitches. I kept trying to embroidery his squiggly smile, but I ended up sewing on a chain instead to keep from having any hard edges or corners on his mouth.

You know me; I can't seem to wait for any holiday. Gotta start crocheting now, because in October I'll be making Christmas stockings! I'm also trying to crochet my Halloween costume again. I'd better hurry it up!
I'll get him shipped out to the Ooblets office today and my resident amigurumi can rest again in peace.

Have a wonderful weekend!
The Craftzilla

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