Thursday, July 19, 2018

Jack Frost from Persona

I loved playing Persona 5. I snagged it for $30 unused right after Christmas, and once I got past the first palace I was hooked. Everything was just so... stylish?? And cool?? I named my protagonist Rachiru (that's an old joke...) and lived the high school life I missed out on. Hanging out with friends, cool part time jobs, stealing evil hearts... I really wasted my high school years!

Jack Frost is a character from Atlus and appears in the Persona 5 game. He is charming, cute and I really wanted to make him since I first saw him! His official plush is disappointing in the Atlus online store (looks cheap and no gold trim on collar), so I made my own.

He is 5 inches tall and made with Caron simply soft yarn, so he's shimmery all over. His hat is removable and since I used crafting wire in it, you could bend the horns on his hat in whatever manner you want. I even debated not giving him fingers, but he looked strange without them, so he has his digits. He also can stand on his own if you set him down just right.

It's 111 degrees fahrenheit here... do you think he could do something about that?
The Craftzilla

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