About Me

My name is Rachel and I run The Craftzilla.

I love video games, cartoons, anime, novels, comics, and almost all things considered "nerdy."
My siblings and I grew up playing Nintendo and my some of my favorite childhood memories consist of trying to beat RPGs together.

Once I hit middle school, I endeavored to be an artist and drew many fanarts and wrote too many fanfictions about my favorite characters. Now that I'm older, my artistic "skills" have dwindled from lack of use (learn from my bad example!). I took up crocheting in 2014 to have an artistic outlet again and I was hooked. Crochet pun included.

I really enjoy being able to take an idea and turn it into something physically tangible. It's also often cuddly and cute. Once I get home from work (and my awesome toddler is in bed) I love to watch my husband play video games while I backseat game crochet. That's when I'm not hogging the television myself, though. :)

Currently, I'm mainly a Nintendo gamer (sooooo much Hyrule Warriors & Splatoon...) with a side of PC gaming (Undertale!! Stardew Valley!!). I'm always looking for recommendations on games to play as well as critters to crochet.

Thanks for dropping by!

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