How do I get commission you for a custom item?

Send an email to thecraftzilla@gmail.com or message The Craftzilla on Facebook.  Give me as many details as possible from the get-go. Reference photos are great as well. We will discuss the details, pricing, and time frame/shipping. I will set up a custom listing on Etsy for you with those details.

What do you NOT make?

I will not make NSFW items, super large objects/items/blankets, or clothing (sweaters, dresses, etc.) I specialize in small to medium items, mostly accessories/hats, toys, and baby items. If you are in doubt, just ask! I will be completely honest if I believe I cannot make an item due to complexity/size. I want to make you an item I can be confident is my best work!

What is “made to order”?

It means I do not have that item already made. It will start being made as soon as I get details and payment. Typically, items take 1-2 weeks to make—depending on the item. Communicating with me will get you a better idea of how long to expect.

What do you use for shipping?

I use USPS Priority Mail 3-Day whenever possible. If an item is under 13 oz I can send First-Class Mail® Parcel. I always use tracking so that there are no concerns on either end whether I actually sent your item or not. I am not currently shipping outside the U.S.

Do you own “such and such” character?

All non-original characters will have credit given where it is due. If I use patterns from other artists, I ask permission and link to the pattern in the blog post. Fan art / pop culture inspired characters are covered under the fair use act. If asked I will stop creating certain characters if owners of that character feel it is causing problems.  Keep this in mind when requesting commissions. If you ask me to copy another item another vendor makes---I will either ask permission from the vendor or just flat out refuse. Thank you for your understanding.

How do you figure out your pricing?

Custom items are priced based on time + materials. I “pay” myself minimum wage per hour, then add on however much the materials cost. Custom items often require more time as I have to make a custom pattern and (sometimes) go about it via trial and error. I will set a price with you and if I go over the time I expected, the extra cost is on me.  Crafting is something I love and put a lot of effort into, and I won’t undervalue myself.

Your prices went up!

Possibly so. If I determine that an item was underpriced for the amount of effort I put into it, I will increase the price. I will not increase a price once you have paid, of course.

Why are handmade items so expensive? I can buy (some item) for half that price at the store!

“A handmade gift is one of intention. It says to the recipient, you were on my mind when I chose this project, this yarn. When you hand someone a finished object, you’re handing over the tangible product of this thought and consideration.”
At the store, it is an item that is mass produced by machinery etc. They are very cheap to make. There is nothing wrong with this, and I encourage you to go this route if you feel these items are too expensive.
All items I make are by my own hand. I do my best to make it something that you will love and cherish.

Where is the pattern for this?

My free patterns are few and currently under the "Creations" page. Currently I only have a few. Many of the items I make do not have a pattern to share; it’s often a “feel as I go” sort of thing. As well, some items I sell are made (with permission) from someone else’s pattern. I will always share those links with you in the blog post.

Where did you get your fonts/photo editing stuff from?

The fonts I use are from KevinandAmanda.com. I use Gimp for all my editing.

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