Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Moooove over, Panda Hat, it's cow's turn

I was supposed to make another baby panda hat for a customer, and I was speeding right along with it. I finished the base and then was informed that the baby was a 10 POUNDER newborn.
Not a cow, but relevant enough

Well, the newborn hat I just crocheted was not going to fit on this baby. I didn't want to let it go to the "forever discontinued project" pile (it's grown too much) so I brainstormed on what other white and black animals(Note: Never Google Image search that) I could make.
And thusly, I decided on a cute cow hat!
Is Moo-Cow obnoxious? Probably >_<

When I was in 5th grade, I was introduced to the game "Harvest Moon 64". It was amazing! You ran a farm, had cute animals you could name and brush, and you could get married and have little babies and a whole homestead! It was a very cutesy game, but I loved it! Unfortunately, in 8th grade when I moved to the country, I discovered country life wasn't as cutesy as the game made it. Oh well!

So shiny and clean--not at all accurate.
Apparently, you have to actually sweat to grow anything, animals were smelly, and there are bugs--lots of them. So I'll just stick to the video game if I ever feel some long winded country life nostalgia hit. But gosh, those cows are cute. (And real life cows are cute too---just after one year in FFA you feel too guilty to ever look at a cow again...)
Awww--vegetarian for life! (Or until dinner...)
It's a super soft hat with braided tassels (I still get nervous about flimsy strings around newborns, so these are short and thick!) The details were made with embroidery thread and it took me 7 times to get the eyes right.
Moo cow newborn hat is only $12.00 and can be shipped. Look for it soon on my etsy shop or message The Craftzilla on Facebook!

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