Friday, September 19, 2014

There's a rumor in St. Petersburg

Let me tell you, this blogging thing is not as easy as some people make it look! My hat's off to them.
I've been working on this project for a long time now. It's a completely handmade, original pattern, custom commission for a Princess Anastasia doll that needed to be SPOT.ON. I wish I could share the story behind why this customer requested this doll, as it is very sweet and heartfelt, but in summary this is a doll that will be a family heirloom. No pressure or anything, right? (I may or may not have redone each part of the doll two or three times...)

My eyes were bleeding by the time I finished with the rhinestones (note, do not attempt to use hot glue--it'll be a sticky mess and your fingers will BURN). She has bendable arms and legs since I just stuck some craft wire in with the stuffing as I was putting them together. She has shoes, a choker, bracelet, removable crown, and a sash (not pictured because I FORGOT.)

I had an interesting conundrum for this one that I never had before---do I need to crochet underwear on her?? Is it weirder that she has them because I acknowledged that a yarn doll was naked under her dress? In the end I made her some bloomers since I figured SOMEONE would check.
And good thing I did because half the people who saw the doll checked. (Why??)

Overall, this was a fun project to look at once it was finished (and I was paid, woohoo! $$) But the process to get things just how I wanted them to be? BLURGH. Lessons learned!

Let me know via email, FB message, or Etsy message, if you have a custom creation you want brought to life. I need these projects to keep my mind sharp. :)  And I love to hear the stories behind them!