Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Conversation Heart Headbands

My older brother is infamous for his love of conversation hearts. It has to be a certain brand and it has to be the small ones, but when he has a bag of them he will eat.them.all. He would eat them all year round if he could. This worked to my advantage on Valentine's day, as I would only eat the orange ones (they tasted the least like chalk?). So I had some tradeable goods for his fun dips and pixie sticks.

So when I think of Valentine's day, as much as I love red and hot pink, I love the pastel colors that remind me of my sugar filled childhood.

These headbands are simple, but cute. I like that they are a bit daintier than other headbands I've made. I can do them in any color, but these were the ones I liked the best. As for my favorite orange flavor--the color yarn for those would be too peachy, so I stuck with these.

Everything was pretty simple--I actually just chained a length of yarn, then applied shell edging around the whole thing, like I would on a blanket. It gives it a nice touch of stretch.

As for the hearts, can you tell I enjoyed making them? There are tons of resources online to make hearts, I hope to try some of the more complicated ones, but these are simply:
Magic circle (All About Ami's  magic circle tutorial)
Chain 3
3 triple crochet into circle,
3 double crochet into circle,
1 triple crochet into circle,
3 double crochet into circle,
3 triple crochet into circle,
chain three,
slip stitch into circle, fasten off.
Pull the original thread tight and knot it and VOILA you are a heart making MACHINE!

Have fun!
Email me at or message me on The Craftzilla's facebook page to ask about having a headbands made for you! I'm hoping to get these on the Etsy store soon. :)

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