Thursday, January 1, 2015

Singing is Better with Puppets!

I've got a post full of puppets today! I'm still discombobulated from the holidays. I found myself searching for Christmas carols on the radio. I wasn't ready this year, it went by too fast! But oh well, time to get back into the swing of things.

While my daughter will have nothing to do with any accessories I make her, she LOVES puppets. 
I made her a brand new dragon puppet for Christmas. He's a goofy looking guy--in fact, Garth made me give him teeth because he "looked embarrassing" without them. Way to stick up for the guy.

He has little shiny horns and a floppy tongue--which Emmy likes to try and grab like a keep-away-game. And the dumbest thing I'm proud about? That edging. It's called "cathedral edging" and Leonie Morgan has a great tutorial on how to do it

The next for my nursery class at church (as well as one for my mom who teaches singing time at her home church).  We would sing a lot of the classic kid songs in there: Wheels on the Bus, Old MacDonald, and Three Lil Monkeys. Eventually I got around to making a real Mr. Alligator to snap around.

This poor Mr. Alligator has been very loved on and is worse for wear. (Also, it got caught on Emmy's velcro leg braces a few times. Velcro=death to yarn). But those kids LOVED him...and had no mercy for the monkeys! They loved to directly feed them to him. Well, can't blame them, it's the best part of the song.  

Another song that Emmy loves is Three Lil Ducks. We recently borrowed a Raffi CD from my mother in law, and he sings Five Lil Ducks (he's more patient, I can only get through three before the kids want the daddy duck to  QUACK QUACK QUACK!). His CDs are magical for kids--and it changes up the constant My Little Pony songs we have on. His song Ducks Like Rain also goes with these. Emmy likes to pretend feed them crackers.

These little quackers were based on Repeat Crafter Me's duck finger puppets.  Does anyone else have to use pliers to snap those eyes on?? Well, at least I know they are not coming off any time soon!

I've made a New Year's resolution to keep up with this blog and my shop--between working full time and having an almost two year old, we'll see how far we get. To think--just a year ago I made the resolution to learn crochet--so anything is possible!

Email me at or message me on The Craftzilla's facebook page to ask about having a puppet made for you!

--P.S. Raffi videos ;)
Five Lil Ducks
Ducks Like Rain

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