Thursday, February 19, 2015

Baa! My first pattern!

Guys...Nobody told me writing a pattern would be so hard. 

I thought it was a matter of jotting down what I was doing as I went along. After completing the white sheep, I did a second one to make sure my pattern was good...only to discover I made the WHOLE THING WRONG. 

Learn from me people, and do proper loop stitches if you use this pattern. Poor sheep has all the loops sucked in and in this weird stretchy diagonal pattern. A good loop stitch does not come undone as you go along. To avoid just plagiarizing, Fresh Stitches has a GREAT tutorial and even mentions the mistake I made while crocheting. 

So here is my pattern for download. I hope it works well for you; this is my first pattern and I tried to put the weird things I do into words as best as I could.

These guys would also be pretty cute with some faces embroidered on them.  If anyone completes one, I'd LOVE to see it!

I love my little sheep, though. My daughter just learned the noise a sheep makes and will go around saying "MAAAA!" with them. She thinks the brown ram is a monkey, though. I think if I did the brown ram again I'd do a tan and white scheme instead. At first I designed these sort of imagining little kids in sheep pajamas, hence the peach colored faces. Well, I guess I leave the improvements up to you!

Please do not redistribute/repost this pattern. You may sell the final created product, but please link back to wherever you may list/post it the final item. Thank you for giving credit where it is due. Enjoy!

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