Monday, April 6, 2015

Pokemon for Easter

Guys, I never grew out of liking Pokemon. Even when my daughter was born, I had Pokemon White on the Nintendo DS to play as I recovered from a c-section. While I don't clock in the hours I used to back in the 90's, I still have fond memories of the characters. So when my siblings visited me for Easter, I decided their baskets each needed their own starter Pokemon.

Funny thing, my younger brother and sister were babies when Pokemon started, so of course us older kids chose a respective Pokemon for each. Brother was a Charmander, he was a cute, scrappy kid. But sister was a Squirtle...because...hahaha she well let's just say we did a looooot of laundry because of her! I know, it's rude, but it was so clever at the time.

My older sister got a Pikachu because her favorite Pokemon used to be a Vaporeon and there just NO WAY I was ready to take that on. She didn't mind getting a Pikachu, though, since it's pretty cute.

I made these Pokemon from 53stitches patterns. They were very easy to follow, and it felt so nice to take all the guesswork out of a project and just plug away at a pattern. I did give Squirtle a bigger shell and crocheted Charmander's tummy, but everything else was verbatim to her patterns. She has an Etsy shop here and her tumblr is here. Please check out her amazing stash of craftiness--I'm super jealous of her talent!

One of these days I need to make MY favorite Pokemon-- a Psyduck! Someday, maybe!

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