Monday, June 8, 2015

Mermaids in the Summer

Summer time! Which means the ocean and swimming, right? After making that whale earlier and cosplay outfits for Splatoon, I was on a roll. Now we have a mermaid to add into the mix.

I made this mermaid by modifying a pattern from Little Muggles. She made an adorable seal pattern that I planned to make eventually. But as I was looking at mermaid patterns, I was getting frusterated that all of them were very "The Little Mermaid" and skinny, non-huggable things. And you kind of just lay them down, they don't sit on their own. So I finally looked at that seal pattern and thought...hey! This would make a cute mermaid!

This mermaid was designed to look like one of Emmy's friends who is having a birthday this summer. (This is actually her gift but she's 3 and won't find out.) She has cute spiral curls all the time and I LOOOOOVED putting them on this mermaid. She has a hair tie and a star fish in her hair. I also loved using my new safety eyes I just bought. They make her look so much cuter than just the round ones.

As for the modifications I made to the seal pattern, I added a few rows to the body and color changed half way through. I only crocheted in the back loops during the color change so I could come back and make the frills.

Make your own mermaid (or seal, as was intended by the pattern maker) at Little Muggles.
Orrrrrr contact me about getting your own custom made!
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  1. Super nifty idea to combine 2 patterns to get your own results. Turned out real nice.

    1. Thank you! I was grateful it turned out well, too.