Monday, June 1, 2015

Oh Whale!

Whales! One of my favorite projects to see on pinterest is crocheted ocean life. Jellyfish, whales, squids, porpoises, seals--they make me happy. My friend's little baby has the colors navy, gold, and white as their nursery theme. So I made this whale keeping that in mind.

I began using Pops de Milk's pattern for a whale, but mine kept on being too short for my taste (and I think I messed up the pattern anyways!) So I kept the part for the squareish nose and went wild from that point on. I made more of a dip in the back and a bigger tail. I think it turned out alright! Love love love the squarish nose, though. Never would have figured that out without her pattern.

I made one with a sailor hat, too. :) Can you tell I had too much fun with these guys?

Make your own with Pops de Milk's awesome pattern:

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