Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Triceratops Hat, Tail, and Shoe Covers

Once upon a time, I was in college and had a huge crush on my brother's room mate. One day, we were with a group of friends and we were discussing our favorite books. I kid you not, in unison, the room mate and I said "Jurassic Park". Well, fast forward 6 years. Now married and with a kid of our own, we are still big Jurassic Park fans. So this year for our local comic con, we dressed up as Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler, and a triceratops.

See? Hardly any difference, except we don't have a sick dinosaur, but a healthy, albeit slightly grumpy, dinosaur.

We had the outfit already for Emmy (the shirt says "T-Rex tours" and she was originally get a safari hat and badge) but I REALLY wanted her to be a dinosaur. So I made up some accessories.

The hat was a gamble, since Emmy hates wearing them usually. She put up with it for a few photos here and there, but largely kept it off. I don't really blame her. I made a half double crochet beanie and made the frill separately. I just crocheted in rows till I had a decent height, then changed colors and did a shell edging. Three crocheted cones later, we have a horned dinosaur hat.

The shoe covers were made the morning of the convention. I didn't want her in crocheted booties on the convention floor/in the parking lot, so I completely winged some covers to go over her sandals. Note--crochet does not like velcro. Ugh. But they were pretty cute!

The tail has a chain as a belt to hang on her hips. It was stinking cute to see her running around with that tail flapping behind her.

We had such a great time at the con and were recognized by a few folks. More people remembered Dr. Alan Grant's name than Ellie's. I'm the gal who sticks her arm into the giant pile of dinosaur dung, remember?? No??
I'll have to do a follow up post with all the loot we bought and all the great crafters we met there. Not to mention we saw some fantastic costume construction and design--wish I had taken more photos, but I was chasing Emmy around half the time.

Want a triceratops hat/tail of your own? Email me thecraftzilla@gmail.com or message me on my Facebook page. I'm also on tumblr, but that gets a little random at times. :)

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