Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pearl Doll

I love Steven Universe. I don't care if it is a kid's show, I LOVE it. The characters are so intriguing with their own flaws and skills. My favorite character (perhaps other than Greg Universe, the dad) is Pearl.

I know she doesn't have the trademark nose. Whenever I added one, it seemed to take away from the graceful, ballerina style doll and transform it into an Ice King or Wicked Witch doll. After much internal debate, the nose was omitted. But most of my amigurumi dolls don't have noses, so she'll fit in.

Her hair is made from brushed yarn. I pull apart short strands of yarn, latch hook them onto one long piece of yarn, brush it out, straighten it, and then attach it to her hairline. There is a great tutorial here. I twisted it back and sealed it with a touch of hot glue into a point. You have to be gentle with styled, brushed yarn hair dolls.

Her face has a lot of texture since I tried using cotton yarn. It had the skin tone I wanted.

Her legs have pipe cleaners in them so that they can bend.

She is about 10 inches tall and absolutely beautiful. I'm really proud of this one. She has her sash tied in a bow in the back as well.

This was a great project. Pearl may go up for sale soon. Message me on my facebook page or email me at thecraftzilla@blogspot.com if you are interested. I do not own any of the Steven Universe characters, and this is just a yarn fan representation inspired by Rebecca Sugar's amazing characters.

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