Monday, August 10, 2015


I've gained two nephews already this year! They sure are cute, and babies mean baby gifts. Which means forcing people to enjoy my hobby by crocheting said gifts.

Bulbasaur is the very first Pokemon  in the Pokedex, as well as a starter Pokemon. My bro always chose Bulbasaur as his starter, whereas I usually chose Squirtle (cuter!). He mentioned that if his kid was a Pokemon, he'd be a Bulbasaur. Sooooo that's why we have this.

Like Totoro, this Bulbasaur has a jingly bell in his bulb to make some noise. He's made out of soft, baby yarn. He has his Pokeball with him, too.

Not much to say on this one except that I love his stubby little limbs. I wanted him flat on his tummy for this toy, as if he's relaxing.

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