Monday, October 5, 2015

Dinosaur Lovey Blanket

More friends having babies = more crocheted gifts.
This lovey blanket is for a baby boy. I knew a full on crocheted blanket would probably never be used by him, so a lovey was my compromise. A squishy and soft stegosaurus sits in the middle of the granny square blanket.

Contact me at if you'd like a homemade lovey of your own! 

Edit 05/04/2016
Wow! This item suddenly became really popular! Just to provide a few commonly asked questions some answers:
Blanket is 15x15 inches and has a bit of stretch.

The dinosaur is sewn into the middle square and is not removable.

Safety eyes with large backings have been used on this plush and I personally pry at them to make sure they are on tight and permanently, but be aware they can become a choking hazard if the material/yarn is ever cut.

While the lovey is perfect for car time, tummy time, cuddle time, and play time, The Craftzilla agrees with The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) that babies sleeping unsupervised should not have any toys, blankets, pillows in the crib with them.
Thank you!!
The Craftzilla

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