Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ghost Applique Pattern

I have a new pattern! It's a simple, but fun one.

These ghost appliques whip up quick. I used one on Emmy's seed stitch headband, but I've been making more while watching spooky movies to put on gift bags, cards, treat plates, and even maybe make a whole banner of them.

Here we go:

Size F (3.75 mm) hook
White yarn
Orange yarn (for bow)
sc - Single crochet
inc - 2 single crochet in one stitch
dc - double crochet
tc - triple crochet
sl st - slip stitch

Round 1- Create a magic circle. Place 6 sc in the magic circle. Pull end tight and knot it.
Round 2 - Inc in every stitch (12)
Round 3 - *Sc, inc* six times (18)
Round 4 - *Sc, sc, inc* six times (24)
Round 5 - *Sc, sc, sc, inc* six times (30)
This is where we make the ghost’s frilly edging
Round 6 - *Dc, dc, tc, dc, dc* in one stitch, sl st into next, then repeat ** in next stitch. Do this a total of four times. Fasten off and weave in ends.
Create a magic circle

Ch 3, dc twice into magic circle, ch 3, sl st into magic circle, ch 3, dc twice, ch 3, sl st into magic circle. Pull your circle tight, knot and wrap loose yarn around middle of the bow. (Or leave one end out to sew on to your project)

I used safety eyes on mine and covered the back with felt so they wouldn't poke Emmy's head.
Regardless, she still wouldn't stay still for the picture and ditched the headband LOOOONG before we even made it to the pumpkin patch. Oh well!
She's still a cutie.
The seed stitch headband pattern is from:
Give it a whirl!

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