Monday, February 8, 2016

Tippy the Angora Rabbit

I know it's not Easter yet, but this post is all about the angora rabbit!

Emmy and I have been watching "Is the Order a Rabbit?" It's a cute show about a bunch of girls working at coffee shops and cafes and of course hijinks ensue. It has some weird moments (I don't want to see these girls in their swimsuits?? They are in middle school for heaven's sake) but is overall G rated and fun.

Emmy loves Tippy the angora rabbit. Who actually is the main character's grandfather who was somehow turned into a rabbit after passing in order to console and guide his granddaughter who lost her mother early. I know, a little crazy for a kid's show. I thought he was some weird cat at first, but after looking at actual angora rabbits, I see the resemblance.

I made Tippy out of white and pink eyelash fun yarn again. It makes him very squishy. He is super soft and cute. Unfortunately, that fuzz makes it hard to find his face! I did trim a little around the eyes though. His pattern was basically to crochet a ball with very few "sc around" rounds in the middle, to give him that dumpling shape.

Emmy wouldn't keep Tippy on her head like the main character does, and really prefers to throw him around like a ball. Well, as long as she likes it! This Tippy is actually a prototype for an order, so the next one will actually be even BIGGER! I'm going to need more eyelash yarn!

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