Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Baby Articuno Pattern

Every month has had a Legendary Pokemon assigned to it by Nintendo for their anniversary. Word is that bird is the word for this month. ;) Kind of. At some point some special versions of the legendary birds--Zapdos, Articuno, & Moltres-- will be available for download. So I'm following that up with a free Articuno pattern for download!

It's fairly simple except for the head feathers and the feet. The pdf has some photos to guide you through, but please let me know if it's still incomprehensible.

This guy is a cute little poofball that is fun to throw around and stuff into those surprise plastic Easter eggs a pokeball. To be honest, I looked at Articuno and thought-- how do I turn this regal bird into a "birb"? I think I succeeded!

**Please do not redistribute, copy, or sell this pattern. Please credit The Craftzilla when selling or showing off any final products. Pokemon is property of Nintendo and not me. Thank you!**

Download the pattern HERE and enjoy!

The Craftzilla

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