Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Birds and Booths

Phew, I finally did it! I had my first ever booth at a convention.
Okay, okay, so it was the teeniest tiniest convention ever at my cute local library, but I still had fun.
Speaking of fun, check out these awesome birbs I whipped up. Seriously, it's an awesome and quick pattern.

I Crochet Things came up with this cute Cockatiel pattern. I only modified the wings a little so that there was a definitive left and right wing. Also, can you tell which bird I made while stressed and which one I made while relaxed? Whoops. Oh well, fat birds are cute, right?

As for the mini-con, it was a fun experience and gave me a TON of insight into what I should and shouldn't do moving forward. I don't think I'll ever survive doing only crochet, and I need a variety of items in a variety of price ranges in order to do booths from now on. I had about a month's worth of heads up beforehand, so I didn't have much stock, but I loved talking to everyone who paused by my booth. (Also, it was super awesome to talk to real artists and pretend I was one too haha!)

And to anyone who is now coming to this website because of the Mini-Con, welcome!! :D

Anyways, I'm working on drafting up patterns for several objects I made for my booth, so stay tuned.
The Craftzilla

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