Monday, July 18, 2016

Pokémon Go Journal and Circuit Page

Yep, I've gotten caught up in the Pokemon Go craze as well! However, many people have expressed concern and distaste at the app. While I view the game as a largely positive thing, I understand. So, to try to "sweeten the deal", I decided to come up with some supplemental Pokemon Go activities for the summer!

First is the Poke Journal. This can be for the younger age groups, and an adult can verbally ask the questions and help them write the response. They can illustrate the Pokemon they caught within the app. Maybe by the end of summer they'll have a whole Pokedex! Older kids can use this as a prompt and write a more through entry on some attached lined paper.

Click here for a PokeJournal PDF.

And here is my silly example page:

The second part is a Pokemon Circuit chart. This is basic, and please adjust to your fitness level and preferences. I wouldn't do this EVERY time I went out to play, but maybe once per session. Remember to keep hydrated and rest when your body tells you to.
Click here for the Pokemon Circuit PDF.

I hope you all enjoy! If there is any more interest, I'll create and post more activities. I'm hoping to sit down and make some crafty activities as well.

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