Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wonder Woman Doll

Sometimes, being able to crochet dolls and plush is so empowering. Can't find what you want at the store? Companies aren't making products of a certain character? Well then, make it yourself!

I did just that with this sweet Wonder Woman doll. Maybe more of a Wonder Gal, as she is based off of my daughter's friend from preschool. Emmy came home from preschool telling me that Wonder Woman came to their classroom and played games with them. Turns out her friend held her birthday party at the school and had one of those party companies send a Wonder Woman there! I thought that was super cool, and so I got to work on a very belated gift for her friend.

I used this doll pattern by Nicky Blade. I added some color changes, top crochet the boot details, and threw together a tiara. For the hair, I made a wig cap by following the pattern for the head halfway through with a larger hook in brown yarn, sewed it to her head at an angle, and then made the curliques for the pigtails. I chained a length and placed two single crochets in each chain in order to make the curls.

I'm really pleased with how she turned out. I hope Emmy's friend likes her! (If not, oh well, it was fun to make!)

I know a few of you have been messaging me about how you can't find pattern links in my blog posts very easily, so I will start listing applicable links at the end of each post. I hope this helps!

Have an awesome day!
The Craftzilla

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