Monday, August 8, 2016

Big Mermaid, Big Hair

Putting hair on these dolls is the most difficult parts of amigurumi. I seriously have not found a method I love yet. However, this mermaid really pulls it off with some fluffy, Isaac Mizrahi yarn.

I had some scraps left over from a Christmas present I made last year, and I wanted to put it to good use. My husband mentioned it looked like the hair of the Great Fairy from Legend of Zelda. That got the wheels turning and thus this pretty mermaid was born!

I didn't write down her pattern, there are many mermaid patterns out there similar to hers if you are looking to make your own, though.

These are pretty similar:
By Little 'Uns / Craft Ingenue

By Corriendo con Tijeras

For her tail I actually used an Irish Crochet leaf pattern from Lacy Crochet:

This has been a rough few weeks for our household, with an ER visit, unplanned surgery, and some other lifestyle adjustments, but things should go smoothly here on out. While I love crocheting, it does sit on the back burner as I do work full-time at a busy office, run a household, and parent a special needs daughter. So while I would love to promise a routine and perfect schedule for updates, it's just not going to happen. Thank you for your patience, and I hope you enjoy what I do share from this hobby!

Have an awesome day!
The Craftzilla

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