Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Make Your Own Plastic Pokeball

Yeaaaah it's another Pokemon post, sorry.

This time, my daughter and I made plastic pokeballs to store amigurumi in when hiding them or gifting them. I like the plastic ones because then bugs/water can't get into them as easy. They snap closed and you have to squeeze them to open them. Plus, they are so shiny! Just don't throw them on a hard surface because they will crack. (They have survived carpet and grass so far.) Get ready for a lot of photos.

I found these in the plastic ornament section at Hobby Lobby. 1.49 for small, 1.79 for large.

 Using regular ol' acrylic paint in white and red. While I did use the paint brush shown, I did the bottoms with a sponge stencil brush and that worked better.

 This is important. Make sure the top part of your ornament is painted red. It will be the piece that overlaps the bottom piece's lip. Pour some acrylic paint in there and spread it around.

 Let dry, then apply another coat. It took me two coats to get it "good enough".

 My daughter helped me out a lot.

 Once dried, throw a layer of gloss mod podge in there and spread it around evenly.

 Cut out one long strip of black felt, one black circle, one smaller white circle, and one even smaller white circle.

 Fold your strip of felt in half and make a little snip.

 Slip it over the handle.

 Start hot gluing the piece of felt around the ornament. I let it only be partially glued to the ball, letting it go off the edge a little so it would cover up the seam between the red top and white bottom.

 Trim your felt so that it meets right in the middle front (opposite side of the handle) Glue the felt circles to each other, biggest to smallest, then glue them where your felt meets.

 Let dry and tadaa! You have a plastic Pokeball!

Feel free to contact me with any questions, or show me what you've made on facebook! Have fun!!

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