Saturday, August 13, 2016

Pokemon Handprint Painting for Toddlers

My daughter loves crafts--especially paint. I feel like every day we have to paint at least once. She has some sensory issues but really looooves the feel of paint on her hands/ her hands being painted. So we made some Pokemon art today!


Handprint/fingerprint art is always fun because my daughter feels like she was really involved in making it, as well as the product turns out recognizable to her. (Nothing wrong with the millions of paintings that consist of just blobs, but she likes some structured projects too!) It also gives it a personal feel and I can look back and see how tiny her hands were! Her favorite Pokemon is Pikachu, and this probably was the biggest stretch of the imagination, haha. We decided to make two Pikachu dancing. Because that was the only thing I could think of for a Pikachu to work as a handprint.

Dip the hand in yellow paint or just paint it on with a brush (that's how we roll to save paint).


We used a paint brush to give Pikachu the edge of his tail, but then we moved on to his ears and cheeks with our fingers.

Add his stripes.

Let dry and please draw better than I did! He may look like a siamese twin pikachu, but..uh...not too bad.

Magikarp is up next. Time to become a body paint artist.

You paint the thumb and pinky yellow, all the middle fingers white.


Add some thumb print bubbles, a circle for the eye (construction paper at this point due to artistic differences aka she was done), and a parallelogram in pink for the mouth (also construction paper).

Finally, Oddish. Most simple of them all.

Blue palm, green fingers.


Paint some ovals for feet.

My daughter insisted on cheeks for this one too. Let dry, then draw on a face!
Not bad--an electric, water, and grass type with one hand! Granted, she only cared about Pikachu. Oh well. Have fun!
The Craftzilla

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