Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Finally, Flareon!

Have you ever had a project that took forever? And then you finally finish that project after so many failures and you just have this sense of relief? That would be this Flareon amigurumi.

Okay, dogs/horses/cats/ etc always confound me with their legs. There are joints going every which way and recreating that seamlessly with amigurumi is HARD. Also, their necks are confusing. Flareon looked reeeeally strange before I got that neck fluff added. So, this project has been going on for like...18 months. Every time I would make Flareon I'd start putting the pieces together and I'd realize it looks awful/not proportional/legs are weird etc, frog the whole thing (or just stash the body parts) and have to stay away from it for a while.

But finally, FINALLY a week ago it all came together and I'm SO happy it came out good looking this time!

I felted the eyes. You can't see it very well, but I had fun making little lime green highlights within the dark green to make it even cuter.

The fluff is baby fluff yarn again, and it's sooooo soft and cozy (and squishy). I really hope its new owner loves it--I wanted it to be perfect for her!

I'm so happy it's done. I did attempt to use a pattern for this one. However, I think the author is still working through it and it's a rough draft, because certain parts just did not turn out correctly for I just winged it. Honestly, maybe it was just me not being able to comprehend the pattern after so many attempts on my own! So don't ask me for advice on this one, because I don't have any. This has been a very humbling experience. There is always something to learn, I guess!
Thanks NerdPillo for the pattern to start off with! See it here:

I hope all of your projects are turning out beautifully!
The Craftzilla

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