Friday, March 24, 2017

DIY Party Decor: Twirlers

Is there an official name for these? I prefer calling them "twirlers" rather than "danglers" or "swirl decorations". They are springy coils of paper you attach to the ceiling that hold a paper image at the bottom. I bought a set last year for my daughter's Olaf/Frozen themed birthday party and they were a cute, easy decoration for only 5.99. Except, paying 6 bucks for pieces of paper...ehhh. And this year, Emmy wanted a Mario Bros party, so decor was harder to find locally. So I decided it should be easy enough to make my own!

Items you will need:
Paper plates
Fishing line or thread
Cut out image(s) of choice
Yarn/big needle (optional)
Paint & brush (optional)

Take the paper plate and draw a big spiral on it. Don't make it too thin or it won't hold up. The middle needs a little nub to attach the thread to, so don't taper off. Cut along the spiral. I ended up trimming off the outer "lip" of the plate.

If you didn't buy colored plates or the opposite side of your plate is white, paint it your desired color. Let dry.
Cut a little hole into the very center of the spiral.
Using a yarn needle, thread fishing line through the hole you just cut. Knot it, secure it with tape.

I ended up putting little stars in between, so I would use the needle to poke a hole, thread the fishing line through, knot, make another hole, knot, and keep going.
I left a length of fishing line and then added on Princess Peach, again by stabbing a hole with the needle, threading the line through, and knotting it. I ended up putting a little piece of tape to hold it.

 And voila! Your own twirlers! You can trim more of the paper plate if you want it to dangle shorter. Also, if your twirlers are going straight, you may need sturdier paper plates or less weight on the bottom. I used generic store brand plates, the ones thicker than the pure white ridge edged ones.

Here are some other ones we did! (And no, I don't have a pantry so enjoy looking at my food storage in the background.)

Hope you enjoyed, feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below or on my facebook page!
The Craftzilla

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