Monday, June 26, 2017

Review: Simple Round Back Newborn Baby & Cocoon

I had a request for a baby bonnet and cocoon recently. After considering a lot of free patterns on ravelry, my customer chose the "Simple Sound Back Newborn Bonnet" by Aimee Collins. It's a darling pattern, simple, unisex, and easy.

After finishing the bonnet, I went to my friend who just had a baby to test out the size. Even with a chunky yarn, this bonnet was MUCH too small. It was laughably smaller than this newborn baby's head, and there was no way I was going to squeeze it on. So, if you use that pattern, go up a hook size and add one more increasing round to fit some larger noggins. :)

As for the cocoon, I didn't follow any pattern this time and just made a big, stretchy, cozy sack. I used this awesome baby size chart from the Craft Yarn Council. I made a magic circle with 10 double crochets and just kept doing increasing rounds until I hit the correct width and then did double crochet rounds until I had the length I wanted.

I'm trying to get my head above water with work and parenting right now so I can post more fun stuff! Stay tuned!
The Craftzilla

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