Friday, March 16, 2018

Free Cactus Pattern

Hello everyone! 
I just finished another mini con at the library and I brought these cute cacti with me. They were very popular and received a lot of compliments. (The cacti were very humble about the whole thing). Here is the pattern to make your own! It's very quick and easy once you understand back loops vs front loops.

Also note that I used lightweight yarn. Thicker yarn is going to make a bigger cactus (Like the one in the middle) and thinner yarn will make them smaller. You can also just increase the starting chain to make them as big as you like! 

Have fun, and I apologize that the photos in this post are aligned strangely. I fought with it for way too long, so I guess the photos stay as they are for now!

Cactus Crochet / Amigurumi Pattern

This pattern is written, created, published, and illustrated by The Craftzilla. Please do not sell, copy or redistribute this pattern or any parts therein (share the blog page link instead!) You may sell final creations, but please do not claim the pattern as your own. Thank you!

Materials needed
Size F 3.75 hook

Yarn needle
6 mm safety eyes
White felt (scraps)
Light green yarn
Flower color yarn
Stuffing (polyfill etc)


mc = magic circle

inc = two stitches in the same stitch of previous round/row

dec = one stitch over two stitches of previous round/row

sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
sl st = slip stitch
bl only = crochet in back loops only
fl only = crochet in front loops only
( ) = number of stitches in round

With lightweight green yarn and 3.75 hook
Chain 12
Row 1: Turn and sc down the chain (11)
R2-30: Turn and sc in back loops only (11)

R31: Turn and fold the piece in half. Sc through both sides to connect both short sides.
R32: Go to the top or bottom of the piece (the unfinished sides of the rows) and dec every two rows together. It doesn't have to be exactly evenly spaced. Leave a tail of yarn. (15)

Using yarn needle, weave the tail through the front loops of each sc. Pull tight to close the hole in the piece. Knot and hide tail inside piece.

Before dec and sealing the other side, place 6mm safety eyes ~7 rows apart. I hot glue a piece of felt to the other side (in between post and fastener) to keep my eye from sinking through my stitches.

Stuff firmly with polyfill or soft filler of choice.

R33: Reattach yarn to open end, and dec every two rows together. (15)
Using yarn needle, weave the tail through the front loops of each sc. Pull tight to close the hole in the piece. Knot and hide tail inside piece.

In yarn color of choice with 3.75 hook

Round 1: Place 9 sc in mc
R2: Sl st to 1st sc. Ch 2 and dc twice into same 1st sc. Sl st into next and dc 3 into the next stitch. Repeat until you have five petals, fasten off.

Sew onto the top of your cactus. You can make a tiny mc of 6 yellow sc and sew into the middle if you like.

Use Amber's pattern at Busy Creating Memories:
I shortened mine by only chaining 45 and making one less petal of each size.

Display as is or place into terracotta pots. I even felted a touch of pink onto one for some blushing cheeks. They look cute either way! I hope you enjoyed this pattern. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

The Craftzilla

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