Thursday, July 17, 2014

These shoes were made for crawling~

What's cuter than little baby feet?
But adorning them with soft mock ups of shoes just enhances their natural cuteness.
And what's shoes without accessories?? Ok, so I can count the pairs of shoes I own on one hand, and I'm not that trendy, but when it comes to dressing up babies I turn into dream house Barbie. (I'm like an onion, I have layers--most of them are nerdy but there is a girly girl layer too!)

My cousin(in-law?) Kayla has a sweet little family and she recently had a baby girl. She made the mistake of posting this pattern on facebook, asking if anyone knew how to make them.

Challenge accepted.
I don't think I should even show you the first pair I made with the pattern. Let's just say they were a MESS. Patterns are great, but I've never been fond of sticking to them. So with some tweaking, I made up the strappy sandals in only two pieces (if we don't count where I just switched colors). The less ends I have to weave in, the better. The strap is a bit thicker than the original images in the pattern so no toes get pinched or lose circulation. I completely ignored the counting the stitches for where to make the straps start and end and eyeballed it instead--worked much better for me. I love the colors Kayla chose for these.

Mistake #2 Kayla made--she mentioned she also liked the Mary Jane shoes they have on the same site.

I couldn't resist putting big bows on the front instead of the dot! Reminds me of Angelina Ballerina (a rat who became a ballet star--how much more inspiring can you get?). I also got too nervous about putting an all-too-easy to swallow button on the shoes, so I crocheted a button up with a magic circle and 6 double crochets and fastened off. It works like a shank button, and takes a second longer to button (if you don't just slide it on their feet anyways), but with my baby choking paranoia, it's worth it. Does no one else have a baby that would gnaw buttons off their shoes? Mine would! Well, she gnaws everything.

Mistake #3 Kayla made--she mentioned they hadn't found their little girl's headbands yet since their last move. Well, if I already made two pairs of shoes, it only makes sense to complete the series with a headband. And of course the headband has a ginormous flower. When I see these headbands, I always think of the head lamps miners wear, but they sure are cute! When Emmy was a few months old, my pediatrician noticed that the headbands (from Target, no less) I had made her wear to church were going to indent her poor, soft, head! Maybe Emmy just had a big head, but looser, soft, and thick headbands are the way to go.
Streeeeetch! No indented foreheads for baby!

So mommy paranoia kicked in again, and I found a pattern for "the genius headband". It stretches, it's soft, it works like netting, and (paranoia again) no button to secure it in back! It works up very easily and looks cute. Win win!

Time to wrap these up and ship them out! Here are the resources to make your own.

The baby flip flops and little dot Mary Jane's are from Whistle and Ivy:

The bow pattern is from Adaiha:

The genius headband pattern is from The Lovely Crow:

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