Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Crochet Your Costume - Roman Helmet

I regularly harass my friends with hat-wearing babies for something I can make them. Seriously, it fuels some deep need in me to frequently make and give away crocheted baby items just so I can feel fulfilled, rather than have it lay discarded in the closet by my daughter. So when one of my college besties mentioned their little boy was going to be a Roman soldier for Halloween, I had to leap at the opportunity. 

You can't tell so well, but the yarn is a shimmery kind that really looks gold.
I found that the half double crochets only in the back loops trick I used for the pumpkin hats worked really well for the visor. The crest was easy--just time consuming. Remember those latch hook rug sets from the 90s? I hearkened back to my skills acquired in childhood and pulled loop after loop of yarn to make a very full crest. It looked too wimpy with just two strands per crochet stitch, so I doubled it.

No really, I felt so accomplished when I finished these. But what the heck do you do with them after?

And can you believe that Emmy actually modeled this hat?! The secret...I took her outside and put rocks in her hands. She usually has us taking away rocks from her all the time, so she wasn't going to open her hands for ANYTHING. Thus, the hat stayed on for a few photos, hurrah!

Unfortunately, Emmy's actual costume has no crocheted elements to it. Have you ever crocheted part of a Halloween costume? 

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