Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Orders

Time to catch up on all the completed projects.

I made a set of minion hats for a two year old and one year old. I used Repeat Crafter Me's pattern--am I the only one who finds all of her patterns are waaaaay too small? Must be the way I crochet. So I usually use her patterns with a few adjustments. :)

Also a Repeat Crafter Me pattern is the Snow Queen Hat. I have discovered I needed about half the length of yarn described in the pattern for the braid.

Aww, look how cute my Elsa is.

I also made a Snowflake Hat out of eyelash yarn for another order. It was later requested to have a removable Elsa braid, so I used some buttons for fastening on the hat. I rather liked making this one. Sewing on that snowflake was a pain, though!

My coworkers all received a penguin bag stuffed with goodies. If you think this penguin looks familar, you'd be right! It's based off of Paper Mario's Penguins. I love those penguins and their murder mystery obsession SO much. Based loosely off of Repeat Crafter Me's Snowman bag--I used only half and double crochets, though.

One of G's coworkers is super into League of Legends. When I found out his wife was having a baby girl, I made another loopstitch Poros and some fuzzy topped Poros boots (+15 flat movement speed). I should have groomed the Poros more for the photo, you can't see his eyes!!

With that fuzzy yarn, I also made a polar bear hat. That eyelash yarn is difficult to work with but makes such a soft, warm product. I want to make everything out of it now!

I had a last minute Christmas order for a hat based off of Hazel from Little Charmers. I spent waaay to long overanalyzing whether the hat looked exactly like Hazel's. Finally G was like "They look the same!! Relax!" I was just having a hard time finding a definite reference image on google. (Some hats had strips, some didn't. Some were bright purple, some were lavender. Some were entirely purple ears, some had pink in them...I mean consistency, please.) But the customer was happy with the product, so I was happy. Phew!!

Finally, I made a bunch of these braided headbands for some orders and Christmas gifts alike. They whip up quickly and are so cute and trendy--I was addicted to making them for a while. :) Chaleur Life has the pattern.

Wow--I was busy! I didn't even take photos of what I made my parents. Oh well! Gotta live life in the moment sometimes. ;)

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