Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Yeti with a Machete

Original design and poem by The Craftzilla. Please do not copy without credit. Thank you!

Up at the North Pole
Where no trees grow
Live the fuzzy furry yetis
In the ice and the snow

They might visit you
During this time of year
To show you how to serve
And spread to others cheer.

The yeti does a kindness
Each December day
He hope you will, too
And he’ll show you the way

Give a hug to your mother
Help a neighbor shovel snow
Bake some cookies for a friend
Say kind words to everyone you know

If you peek at your presents
If you shout at your dad
The yeti is listening
And knows when you’re bad

He’ll cut open your presents
With his shiny machete
And take what’s inside
When you aren’t ready

As much as he hates it,
He’ll take them to others in need
He’ll let Santa know
Of your anger or greed.

And on Christmas morning,
(Oh, I hope you’ll be nice!)
Your presents will be EMPTY
And your heart full of ice.
If you do some service
Do a good deed instead
You’ll keep the yeti at bay

And your gifts out of his sled.

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