Friday, August 26, 2016

Machop Pattern

I joined the #CrochetGo movement last week and have been having lots of fun making Pokemon for others to find in parks and such. Someone requested a Machop, so here is my pattern for him. Please note that this is NOT a beginner pattern and involves some advanced techniques.

This pattern is written, created, published, and illustrated by The Craftzilla. Please do not sell or redistribute this pattern (share the blog page link instead!) You may sell final creations, but please do not claim the pattern as your own. Thank you!

Size E 3.5 mm hook
Blue gray yarn
Light brown yarn
Yarn needle
Size 7 oval safety eyes (or felt or what have you)

Terms/Abbreviations (US):
Ch -- Chain
Mc – Magic circle
Sl st- Slip stitch
Sc – Single crochet
Inc – Increase, place two sc in one stitch
Dec- Decrease, I use invisible dec, but essentially make one sc over two stitches
*---* signals a set of stitches to be repeated
(_) indicates how many stitches should be in that round
3dc Puff stitch- Yarn over, insert hook into stitch, yarn over & pull loop up, yarn over, insert hook into stitch, yarn over & pull loop up, yarn over, insert hook into stitch, yarn over & pull loop up, then yarn over and pull through ALL loops. It's like doing three double crochets half way and then finishing them off at the very end.

Make one in blue gray

Round 1: 6 sc in mc (6)
R2: Inc every stitch (12)
R3: *Inc, sc* six times (18)
R4: *Inc, sc, sc* six times (24)
R5-6: Sc around (24)
R7: 4 sc, 2 dec, 16 sc (22)
R8: 2 sc, 6 inc, sc 14 (28)
Place safety eyes between rows 7 & 8 about 3 stitches apart in the front where all the inc's are
R9: sc around (28)
R10: *2 sc, dec* seven times  (21)
R11: *sc, dec* seven times (14) 
Fasten off, leave long tail of yarn to sew onto body.

Head Ridges:
Make 3 in light brown yarn

Top/surface crochet right between the eyes and up two rows from the eyes. Top crocheting is when we slip stitch our yarn to a starting point and then sc along over stitches, loops, posts, whatever you can sink your hook into as if you were crocheting normally. I found keeping the head flat and in half helped. View the photos for assistance, or check out this video tutorial by Nerdigurumi on surface crochet,

Row 1: Sl st into head. Sc in same spot. move to the back of the head, placing 2 sc in each spot as you go. I chose to make mine 9 spots long (18)
Repeat one stitch over to the left and right. Stuff tails of yarn into head. Stuff the head.

Make 2 in blue grey yarn

Round 1: Chain 6 (6)
R2: 4 sc, 3sc in last chain, turn, 3 sc, inc (12)
R3: 4 sc, 3 inc, 5 sc (15)
R4: In back loops, sc around (15)
R5: 4 sc, dec, sc 3 together (see photo), dec, 4 sc (11)
R6: 4 sc, dec, 5 sc (10)
R7-8: Sc around (10)
If this is your first foot, fasten off. If it is your second foot, do not fasten off or break yarn, you are going to keep on sc'ing onto the other foot. Refer to the photos.

Make 1 in blue grey yarn using the two feet you've made

Line your feet up side by side. Continue crocheting in the round simply by jumping over to the other leg. This joins the two feet.

Round 1: Continue crocheting until there are only two sc left in your round on the leg you've jumped over to. We are now going to jump back. Ignoring the two sc in the middle of the other leg, sc over into the third sc of the other leg's last round. (I know, confusing, look at the photos for help!) Continue to sc around until you are back where we started (16, 8 on each leg)

R2-4: Sc around (16)
R5: Dec, 3 sc, dec, 5 sc, dec, 2sc (13)
R6: Dec, sc around (12)
R7-8: Sc around (12)
Fasten off, weave in tail end of yarn stuff the body all the way down to the toes. Toes are over stuffed if feet cannot stand flat on a surface.

Make 2 in blue gray

Round 1: 6 sc in mc (6)
R2:  Inc in every stitch (12)
R3: Sc around (12)
R4: Dec, sc, dec, 7 sc (10)
R5: 3dc Puff stitch (see photos or abbreviations) 9 sc (10)
R6: Dec, dec, sc 6
R7-10: Sc around (8)
Fasten off and leave long tail for sewing. You may roll the hands up into fists and secure with a stitch from your yarn needle. Stuff the arms very lightly. Attach to torso by flattening the shoulder and sewing through both sides of the arm and into ~4 of the stitches left by the neck. Repeat with other arm. Also, now would be a good time to sew up the hole we left in between his legs.

Make 1 in blue gray

Round 1: 4 sc in MC. For ease, try to crochet with the right side already outward.
R2: Inc, sc 3 (5)
R3: Inc, sc 4 (6)
R4: Inc, sc 5 (7)
R5: Inc, sc 6 (8)
R6: Inc, sc 7 (9)
R7: Inc, sc 8 (10)
R8: Inc, sc 9 (11)
R9: Inc, inc, sc 9 (13)
Fasten off leaving a tail of yarn. Lightly stuff and sew onto lower back of torso. (Seamless join works great!) Weave in all loose ends and you are done!

 And he's complete! His tail should prop him up so he can sit/stand on his own. Thank you for your patience through what must be the most complicated pattern I've ever drafted!

Please let me know if you find any errors or have any questions. Or just show me your creations!

(Pokeball made from THIS post)

 (Pokeball made from THIS post)


And look, he sits!

You should make some Pokemon and join the #CrochetGo group on Facebook too! It's loads of fun.
Have a great weekend.
The Craftzilla

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  1. This pattern is brilliant! I dont know how you came up with it but my little machop came out perfect and he stands up!! I thought he would have to stand leaning a little backwards and balance on his tail but he just stands on his own little 2 feet. He is adorable.