Tuesday, January 3, 2017

All the Christmas Projects

I don't even know how to coherently relate each item to the next. We have from penguins to ballet slippers, I've been busy making them all!

Fuzzy penguin is #2 of his kind. He is made of pipsqueak yarn and super soft and squishy. When I work with pipsqueak yarn, I never can follow a pattern. I feel like I'm working at a potter's wheel, shaping the project as it comes.

Mint penguin was a custom request. Totally didn't write down the pattern, then kicked myself when two more penguin requests came in. Wrote down the pattern that time...still need to tweak it for consistent results!

Floppy Bunny... I would do the limbs shorter next time, especially the arms, and I've since redone the tummy. Haha but do you note how this photo is on our kitchen table? It was a rush job for my daughter's gift and I could hardly get a photo of it before she confiscated it forever. Seriously though, it's so useful to be able to make amigurumi when your kid becomes obsessed with an old cartoon character's stuffed animal.
Puppy dog!! He is another custom order. I was so frustrated with this one, and it kept looking like a bear until I put the ears on it. Still kind of does. I redid the back legs three times...as said in my Flareon post, I do not understand animal skeletal structure haha.

This squid was actually really fun to make. No pattern, just winged it while having a bunch of google image searches up. Squids are REAAAALLY creepy if you spend too much time looking at them. So just look at this cute guy instead. I used top crochet for the suckers on his arms. (Squids have two arms and eight tentacles by the way. The things you learn...)
Finally, some newborn baby booties that are supposed to be ballet slippers. I didn't know quite how much ribbon to use sooooo I may have used too much. Easy enough to trim off, though.

And with that, my holiday projects were completed! Now I just need to make a ginormous Chinese dragon and a chocobo for upcoming orders. Hope you are all having a wonderful New Year! As always, contact me if you would like a custom order made for YOU!
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