Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Toadette joins the race!

It seems appropriate that I love making cutesy hats, headbands, and hair accessories for my little girl...
And she hates them.
She pulls out her pony tails regularly, snaps headbands, and yanks off hats. But after playing Mario Kart 8, I couldn't resist making her a Toadette hat.

Toad was my favorite racer in the N64 game. Awesome fact: I won the first race I ever played with him, even beating my brother, in a Walmart. Remember when they had the games you could play in store?? I swear, we loved it when mom let us bum over there for the extent of the shopping trip.

Anyways, when a GIRL Toadette was introduced in the GameCube version, I was alllll over that.
(I mean, Mario needs some more girl power that ISN'T Peach knock offs...)
I can't believe I even got any photos of her wearing it. The actual hat wasn't time consuming at all. I did a generic beanie with earflaps and just added a few stitches in the middle rows to give it a bit of the poofy mushroom look. I double crocheted some circles, and voila! But part of Toadette's cuteness is the fungi pony tails! So I made SIX of those dumb spheres...all for a hat she won't wear. Granted, it's summer, but still!


Maybe this winter? Or maybe I'll just put it in the magical dress up box with the rest of her hats, where everyone under 12 that visits us tries them on and wears them longer than she ever did.

Am I pouting? Yep.
The Craftzilla

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